Special Paranormal Investigation and Research Indiana Team
   Have you been experiencing paranormal activity? Do you live in Indiana or a surrounding state? Have you heard unexplained noises, strange temperature changes, or seeing unexplainable images or shadows? Pets acting strangely? Photos you have taken show odd images or figures? If you answered yes to these questions then you many have Paranormal Activity. It may also be very explainable things that are occurring that have nothing to do with paranormal activity. To tell the difference takes a highly professional and skilled team to come in an investigate the occurrence using a scientific methodology to determine if a rational explanation can be obtained or, whether you are dealing with the paranormal.
   All of our investigations are Kept Private to protect the clients Privacy. Results are only released to our Web site in cases where the Client gives permission to do so. We do not post addresses of any investigation of a private residence.
   If you feel that you have paranormal activity in your home or residence and would like S.P.I.R.I.T. to investigate go to the contact link above, email us and our case manager will call you for an interview.