The process begins with the Client's interview with our case manager to determine if there are enough occurrences or if the client's current situation warrants an investigation. If our case manager finds sufficient need for an investigation then we move to step two.
    Step two we have our research mangers research the site and turn over all relative information to the case manager. Our case manager then presents this to the group leaders for the final decision to conduct an investigation. If the green light is given to investigate then we move to step three.
    Step three we make arrangements to come in and do the investigation. When we conduct the investigation it will be between the hours of 9 PM and 3 Am. When we have completed the investigation we will leave the site as we found it. Then we move to step four.
    Step four we review the evidence and prepare a reveal for the client.
    Step five is where our case manager will contract you to set up a review. We will conduct a onsite presentation of what we have found with both group leaders present. At that time we will give an opinion if we feel there is paranormal activity at the client's location and we can discuss suggestions to mitigate the concerns of the client