As the founders of SPIRIT we organize and control the direction of the group much like the CEO of a business. We have the final say in membership, investigations, and overall operations of the group.

I am the founder of SPIRIT along with my co-founder Ed Adams. I have been interested in the paranormal since early childhood. My father told me of seeing the apparition of his mother (my grandmother) shortly after her death. My grandfather had a real interest in ghosts as well.

Over the last twenty years, I have done a great deal of research in parapsychology. I have taught parapsychology courses and continue to do so. Also, I have experience in cryptozoology. Visiting many proclaimed haunted locations both domestic and abroad has taught me a great deal. You might say I came into the field when the paranormal TV shows had not popularized the study and the Paranormal was not cool. I have been a member of a few other paranormal groups years ago. After years of study and participating in other groups, I was able to identify one problem and it was internal politics and lack of both knowledge of parapsychology and professionalism, as well as a non-cooperative attitude toward other groups.  So in 2002 I decided it was time to form a professional group. One that would not have these issues and hence forth SPIRIT was born.

I am a father of six children and a Grandfather to one and one on the way. I am a Fire Chief and medic by trade. I also am an Associate Professor at a local university and teach bartending and bar management.  I am a past master of Prospect Lodge 714, member of the Indianapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite,Chief of Masonic Emergency Services (MES),  Member of Prather York Rite and Lavent Preceptory, Murat Shrine, Royal Order of Scotland, and I was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky.